Waterfalls and Streams

Waterfalls and Streams

How to use a pond liner with Waterfalls and Streams 

Waterfalls and streams not only add interest to pond design, but they also assist with water aeration, reducing bacterial growth and providing oxygen for plants and fish. They can be built either using a structure above ground or in the ground as part of the pond design.

Below are instructions using an above-ground structure. These instructions can easily be adapted to any waterfall or stream you are creating. If you need any help or advice, please contact us.

Before lining, you need to create the waterfall or stream, either digging out a channel or using blocks or stone to create a raised structure.

What you need to line your waterfall or stream: 

Pond Liner
aquaSHIELD Matting
QuickPrime Plus
QuickSeam Tape
QuickScrubber Pad
QuickScrubber Handle
Seam Roller

Or our EPDM Joining Kit (this has everything you need to join up to 2m of liner)

How to create your waterfall or stream:


Lay protective underlay into the channel. This is imperative to protect the liner from rocks or any other sharp objects.


Add your choice of pond liner over the underlay.

We would recommend that when installing streams, you use the same material as used for the main body of the pond. For waterfalls where the liners will not join, this is less important.

Where the waterfall or stream feeds into the pond, extra care should be taken to prevent leaks. For waterfalls, the cascading water should project far enough into the pond to avoid water getting behind the pond liner.


Where the stream liner meets the pond liner, this should be joined to the liner to provide continuous protection. Please see our instructions on joining the pond liner for information on how to do this.


If you are adding a decorative finish over the liner, an extra layer of protective underlay should be added over the liner to stop any materials added to the liner from damaging it. Rocks, slabs or precast water features can then be added over the liner.


Finishing items such as pumps and plants can be added to your waterfall or stream to complete it.


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