Guide to Butyl Pond Liner

Guide to Butyl Pond Liner


Butyl pond liner has been a stalwart of the UK pond lining market for over 50 years

Butyl rubber has many of the properties required for high quality, long-lasting pond liner including:

  • Being highly flexible to accommodate ground movement
  • Good UV resistance so the liner won’t crack or go brittle in the sun
  • The ability to join liners together to make larger sheets for lake liners

So, why has butyl pond liner decreased in popularity?

The simple answer is cost. The raw materials required to make butyl rubber have significantly increased in cost over a number of years, and other products have entered the market that is more cost-effective than butyl pond liners.

What are the alternatives to butyl pond liners?

EPDM pond liners are the best alternative to a butyl liner. High usage in the construction industry and increased production levels mean the cost is much lower than butyl rubber pond liners.

We have two types of EPDM available on AquaLiners Direct:

SealEco: this looks the same as Butyl and comes in the same thickness. We recommend it for use in small to medium ponds and for box welded liners.


Elevate: This is a charcoal grey colour with a smooth finish. It is available 1mm thick and is recommended for use in everything from a small garden pond to a large lake or reservoir.


These EPDM pond liners are not only cheaper than butyl liners, but they also have some improved properties.

I’ve always used butyl pond liner and really like it, can I still get it?

Yes! We don’t currently have butyl liner available on our website, but we still fabricate butyl pond liner for our customers and have rolls of material available for anyone who would prefer to use this. If you would like a quote or to place an order, please call us on 01225 632444.

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