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With over 40 years of experience, we manufacture and supply quality pond liners for residential and commercial use, including durable EPDM and PVC options. Our liners are perfect for koi ponds, water gardens, aquaculture, and industrial applications, providing reliable water containment. We offer expert advice, variety of sizing, and fast delivery, ensuring superior quality and customer satisfaction. Trust our top-rated pond liners for a leak-free pond and start your project with confidence. Contact us today to learn more and browse our extensive selection.

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A pond is an attractive feature in any garden or outdoor space providing a haven for wildlife, from a simple drinking source to a new home. Whether you need fish pond liners for your garden pond or large pond liners for a lake or reservoir, you’ll be sure to find the best solution in our huge range of pond liners for sale.

We’re always looking for innovations in materials to bring you heavy duty pond liners that will provide a watertight base for years to come. Butyl rubber pond liners used to be our go-to offering, but these have since been replaced with more durable and cost-effective EPDM pond liners. We also sell PVC pond liners as another more budget friendly alternative to Butyl pond liners.

We advise that all liners, large or small pond liners, are installed with pond underlayment for added protection, to prevent shifting and ultimately ensure the long-term durability of your liner. Browse our protective pond liner underlay here.

To calculate how much liner you need, use our handy Pond Liner Calculator and Pond Volume Calculator for guidance. You can also browse our How-to Guides to learn how to secure your pond liner as well as look after it following installation. Buy pond liners online today or contact our experts for more information. We can help decide the best liner for your project and budget.