Pond Volume Calculator

Work out how much water your pond holds with our pond water volume calculator

How much water is in my pond? Wondering how many litres or gallons are in your pond? Need to calculate pond water volume? Use our handy pond litre calculator and find out how much water a pond contains.

Why do I need to know how much water is in my pond?

It's important to know how much water is in your pond so that you to choose the right pond electrical equipment. Items such as pond pumps and pond filters are designed to meet limits on pond water capacity, so it’s crucial to know the correct volume. Another reason it’s good to know pond capacity is so you can work out the required amount of pond water treatments needed. This is important, as things such as pond chemicals need to be added to water in specific amounts to provide the right effect on water and may even harm plants and fish if not applied correctly.

Also, when stocking a pond, the water capacity of the pond is relevant to the well-being of fish and needs to be factored in when adding them. Having the right number of fish can help to avoid overcrowding and also keep water quality balanced; particularly important in Koi ponds where fish can be expensive to replace.

Just enter the details of your pond in the boxes provided and hit the calculate button and the pond calculator with do the sums.

How does the pond capacity calculator work?

You need to take the following three measurements calculate water volume in a pond:

The depth, width and length of the pond, as shown in the diagram below.

Pond Volume Calculator

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