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If you need to buy automatic pond fish feeders or a range of specialist pond fish food, we've a selection of quality pond feeders and pond food for sale. Whether you need automatic pond feeders for occasional use, such as times when you're away on holiday, or whether you prefer to use the electric automatic pond feeders as the main feeder for a pond, we've all you need. We've pond feeders to suit different pond capacities too, so whether you have a small or large pond, the automatic feeders are available in various sizes.

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For pond food, we've specialist types of fish pond food for sale, including winter fish food. During the colder months, pond fish can switch to a state of semi-hibernation, where their general activity and metabolism is reduced. This can mean pond fish need less food or food that's easier to digest than during warmer, more active times of the year. Special winter pond fish food is designed for use during these colder periods, so is ideal in that situation.