What is EPDM?

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, a synthetic rubber used in a range of applications. It is a strong, durable material with sheet forms being used for everything from roofs and building facades to pond and lake liners!

Why are pond liners black?

If you’ve seen our comparison guide you may have noticed that all of the pond liners we offer are a variation of the colour black. This isn’t simply due to coincidence, there are actually a number of reasons why liners are black:

  • Black creates the illusion of depth in a pond. The bottom of your pond becomes lost in darker colours, making the pond seem deeper.
  • UV resistance. EPDM rubber contains a large amount of carbon black within the compound, this is essential for the UV resistance of the liner, helping to prolong the lifespan of your liner.
  • Black will absorb light and heat. This is particularly useful if you’ve got any aquatic life that needs to be kept in a heated environment. 
  • Fish show up better against a black background. The black background lets you focus on and admire the colours of fish, various plants, and all other features in your pond. Because of the high contrast, all other colours easily stand out, giving a more vibrant look.

However, we understand this isn’t for everyone. If you’re wanting the pond to have a more natural look then you can always add some aquaSHIELD matting to act as an overlay, and then cover the liner and matting in soil, pea gravel, sand, or any such material.

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How long do you guarantee a liner for?

This varies depending on the material:

  • All Elevate and Sealeco liners are guaranteed for 20-years
  • AquaPlan PVC liners are guaranteed for 15 years 
  • Any box welded liners are guaranteed for 10 years 

What if I order multiple items with varying lead times?

All items will be sent out together. Therefore, items will be sent to the delivery date of the item with the longest lead time.

Can I use underlay as overlay too?

Yes you can. Although this would need to ballasted down, otherwise it'll float! This could be done with a variety of materials such as sand, soil, pea gravel etc. 

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Does it matter what side the matting or liner is laid?

No, it doesn't, it makes no difference which way up or down that the liner or matting is laid.