Joining Pond Liner

Joining Pond Liner

How to successfully join the Pond Liner

You don’t need a hot torch to join pieces of our Elevate or SealEco EPDM pond liners together. Both can be joined using a cold tape and primer system that has been proven around the world.

The bond created by the join when this system is used correctly is very strong and durable; it should last as long as the liner without failing.

What you need to join Elevate or SealEco EPDM:

QuickPrime Plus
QuickSeam Tape
QuickScrubber Pad
QuickScrubber Handle
Seam Roller

Or our EPDM Joining Kit (this has everything you need to join up to 2m of liner)

How to join Elevate or SealEco EPDM:


Lay one piece of the liner over the other so that there is a minimum 100mm overlap. Mark a line on the bottom liner 10mm from the edge of the top liner.


Fold back the top liner (you can use a small amount of the QuickPrime Plus to hold the liner back against itself) and check that the two surfaces that will be joined are clean and dry. If either surface needs cleaning, use a small amount of water or lead free petrol for stubborn marks. Ensure that both surfaces are completely dry after cleaning, before proceeding with the join.


Add a small amount of the QuickPrime Plus onto the QuickScrubber Pad. Scrub this onto the two surfaces that are to be joined, ensuring there is a band of at least 100mm on each piece. On the bottom sheet this should go up to the drawn line and on the top up to the edge of the liner. Ensure the QuickPrime Plus is applied evenly, without streaks or puddling.


The QuickPrime Plus should be allowed to go off until it is touch dry. Place the QuickSeam Tape face down on the bottom liner tight to the drawn line.


Use the Seam Roller to firmly press the QuickSeam Tape onto the bottom liner. This ensures there are no bubbles and that the Tape is evenly bonded to the liner. Do not use your hands as the pressure will not be distributed evenly.


Do not peel off the backing of the QuickSeam Tape. Flap the top liner back over the bottom liner and line it up so that there is at least 6mm of the QuickSeam Tape backing paper visible.


Carefully remove the backing paper from the QuickSeam Tape (it is best to do this by pulling it off at a 45-degree angle to the tape) whilst simultaneously pressing the top liner down onto the tape.


Use the Seam Roller to apply firm pressure firstly across then along the join length, including the edge, to ensure the whole join area is evenly bonded to both sides. Do not use your hands as the pressure will not be distributed evenly.

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