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Velda Square Fountain Pond Small

Velda Square Fountain Pond Small


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square patio pond with fountain pump and plant basket

2 year warranty

UK delivery available


Patio pond with fountain pump and plant basket

The Velda Square Fountain Pond can be set up in many places all around your garden and terrace or even for indoor use or in places such as on a balcony. Lightweight, so easy to move, fill the patio pond with the fountain or the plant basket supplied along, everything is possible!

A real pond feeling comes alive when you add some marshplants to the mini-pond. Ideal pond plants are Japanese Pipewort, Marsh-marigold, Arrowhead, Corkscrew Rush and Iris. For potting, use the plant basket provided. To keep the water clear, add some hornwort, waterweed, water lettuce or water hyacinth.

As the days get shorter, you can create a special atmosphere by adding a floating mist maker or lighting.

The mini-pond is made of fibreglass reinforced polystone. As time passes, discolouration may occur. When you fill thepond with water for the first time, harmless foam may form, ensure you properly clean the pond first. During winter, at temperatures below 0°C, you should not use the mini-pond outdoors. Clean it and store the mini-pond indoors in a frost-free place.

Step by step

1. Remove packing and properly clean the mini-pond first.

2. Place the Fountain Pond level at the desired location.

3. Place the pump in the middle of the mini-pond.

4. Fill the pond with tap water up to 5 cm below the edge.

5. Pot the pond plants and put the basket carefully in its place.

6. Connect the plug to a dry and grounded socket outlet.NOTE! Regularly refill with tap water!

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55cm x 55cm x 32cm