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Velda Mineral Plus 1000ml

Velda Mineral Plus 1000ml


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An alternative to pond chemicals - contains only natural ingredients

Provides balanced mineral content

Lead time, 1-2 working days

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A pond environment can only be stable and healthy if the total mineral hardness is at least 8° DH. In soft water, biological processes will stagnate and there is every possibility that the environment will acidify.

However, for the growth of the water plants and the development of micro-organisms, the quality of the hardness, also referred to as the mineral balance, is of vital importance.

Mineral Plus provides a balanced mineral content and increases hardness.

For a detailed description see the instruction for use enclosed.

Mineral Plus solely contains natural minerals and trace elements, it is environment-friendly and suitable for ecologically safe pond maintenance.

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1000ml, suitable for 6000 litres of water