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Velda Floating Fish Dome

Velda Floating Fish Dome


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A great way to see your fish like never before!

Part of our pond decor range of items

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More and more, people are coming to see that pond fish are social animals, and that interaction goes much further than just throwing a handful of feed into the pond and observing the fish. Watching your fish becomes a unique experience with this floating perspex transparent ball in the pond. The fish come and take a peek in the ball regularly, and that produces fantastic images.

Tip: particularly in the early days, you should get the fish interested in the new toy by putting feed into the ball from below. After a while, they will include the ball in their daily route.

Close observation is also an ideal way of checking that your fish are healthy.

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Medium: Ø 56 x 24 cm, perspex Ø 36 cm