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Norlog 60 Gallon Rectangular Raised Pond

Norlog 60 Gallon Rectangular Raised Pond


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A raised, above ground pond

Great as patio pond kits

Supplied with or without a pump

Rectangular Shape

Lead time 3-5 working days.

UK delivery available


Norlog Raised Rectangular Pond

Our Norlog 60 Gallon Rectangular Raised Pond is perfect for adding a serene water feature to even the smallest of gardens. Patio pond kits create an attractive focal point in your outdoor space, making your garden or patio more inviting and relaxing. A small pond can also attract wildlife such as birds, frogs and insects, creating a miniature ecosystem that is great for the surrounding environment.

Our handy patio pond kit includes a raised wooden pond fitted with a quality PVC pond liner and can be supplied with or without a pump. The pond pump generates a small fountain effect above the raised pond, as shown in the image above. The gentle splashing sounds create a peaceful atmosphere adding to the overall tranquility of your garden or outdoor space.

Product Specification

Brand Norlog
Type Rectangular Raised Pond
Liner Type


Other Sizes Available No

69cm Wide 122cm Long 51cm Depth

Timber Pressure treated, 10-year guarantee
PVC 3-year guarantee
Pump (where applicable) 10m cable, no plug, 2-year guarantee
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One size only – 60 gallons

Wide – 69cm

Long - 122cm

Pond Depth – 51cm