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EPDM Pond Liner Repair Kit

EPDM Pond Liner Repair Kit


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Everything you need to repair small holes in your pond liner

No need for hot bonding

Lead time, up to 5 working days

UK delivery available


Repair your liner with AquaLiners EPDM Repair Kit

EPDM pond liners are durable and have excellent tear resistance, however, occasionally, they can be damaged by animals or stones during the life of the liner, or installation. Whether you bought your pond or lake liner from us or elsewhere, our pond liner repair kit has everything you need to fix holes in all EPDM liners.


QuickSeam FormFlash: 15cm x 20cmQuickPrime Plus: 125mlQuickScrubber Pad: 1Seam Roller: 1Protective Gloves: 1 pairInstruction guide: 1

Our lake and pond liner repair kit uses a special semi-cured piece of EPDM repair tape to attach to the liner. The FormFlash and Primer are produced by Elevate to their exacting standards and are the same products used to repair pond, lake and reservoir liners all over the world.

As the FormFlash is semi-cured it can be moulded to fit the damaged area even if the liner is not perfectly level.

You can find our full guide to pond liner repair in our help and guides section for additional information.

Product Specification

Brand Elevate QuickPrime Plus
Use With All EPDM liners (Elevate & SealEco)
Size 125ml
Other Sizes Available Yes, please see QuickPrime Plus for additional options


Aquatic, plant & human safe Yes
Solvents Heptane, toluene
Technical Information Sheet QuickPrime Plus
Brand Elevate QuickSeam FormFlash
Use With All EPDM liners (Firestone Elevate & SealEco)
Size 15cm x 20cm
Other Sizes Available Yes, please see QuickSeam FormFlash for additional options

Carbon Black

Puncture Resistance Excellent
Aquatic, plant & human safe Yes
Solvents None
Technical Information Sheet QuickSeam FormFlash
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Our EPDM pond liner repair kit only comes in one size, with a 15cm x 20cm patch of QuickSeam FormFlash and 125ml of QuickPrime Plus. If you need to repair a bigger or multiple holes in your pond liner, you can use a small piece of liner and QuickSeam Tape to create a patch. This method for repairing pond liner is described in our help and guides section under Pond Liner Repair.

If you need any help with quantities, please contact our team for assistance.