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Elevate QuickSeam Pipe Flashing

Elevate QuickSeam Pipe Flashing


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Can be cut to fit pipes 25mm – 152mm

Pre-fabricated with QuickSeam Tape on the base

Lead time, up to 5 working days

UK delivery available


Elevate QuickSeam Moulded Pipe Flashing available from AquaLiners Direct

Elevate QuickSeam Moulded Pipe Flashing is used to flash around round rigid pipe inlets that penetrate the pond liner. The Pipe Flashing is a prefabricated boot, similar in shape to a witch hat, that has QuickSeam Tape laminated to a flange around the base so that it can be attached to the pond liner. It can be cut to fit pipes from 25mm to 152mm in diameter.

For details on how to install Pipe Flashing, please see Detailing Pipes in our Help and Guides section.

Product Specification

Brand Elevate QuickSeam Pipe Flashing
Use With All EPDM liners (Elevate & SealEco)
Size One size fits pipes 25mm – 141mm diameter
Other Sizes Available No


Aquatic, plant & human safe Yes
Solvents None
Technical Information Sheet N/A

Sealing around rigid, round inlet and outlet pipes

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QuickSeam Pipe Flashing comes in one size only, but can be cut to fit various pipes by removing the required number of rings:

25 mm - 35 mm

41 mm - 48 mm

51 mm - 67 mm

70 mm - 92 mm

102 mm - 114 mm

127 mm - 141 mm

The correct size should always be verified on site prior to cutting the Pipe Flashing.