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Elevate EasySealant

Elevate EasySealant


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Superior quality sealant-adhesive

Pond liner sealant for use with Easycorners

Lead time 3-5 working days

UK delivery available


The Elevate EasySealant is a superior quality sealant-adhesive based on MS polymer. It is designed to seal the EasyCorners and adhere and repair small damages on PondGard EPDM membranes installed in water ponds. The EasySealant will ensure a strong and durable watertight connection to different types of substrates (EPDM to EPDM, wood, metal, concrete, stones, etc.).


Surfaces on which the EasySealant is to be applied must be smooth, clean, and free from dust, oil and grease. Restore to room temperature before use, if exposed to lower temperatures (< 15°C) for a prolonged period.


The sealant is applied with a mastic gun at the specified location. Cut the applicator nuzzle with a cutter to have a 7 mm diameter opening. Apply a constant line of sealant at a speed of ± 6s/10cm. Close and softly roll the top liner. Wait a minimum of 48 hours (longer in cold temperatures) before applying moderate tension to the detail. The EasySealant will be dry after ± 7 days. For more detailed information, refer to the specific Elevate application guide.

Compatibility:Elevate GeoGard™ EPDMElevate GeoSmart™ EPDMElevate PondGard™ EPDMElevate PondEasy™ EPDM


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Compatible with:

Elevate GeoGard™ EPDMElevate GeoSmart™ EPDMElevate PondGard™ EPDMElevate PondEasy™ EPDM

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Approximately 6 lin. m per cartridge