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Elevate Bonding Adhesive

Elevate Bonding Adhesive


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Not for bonding EPDM pond liners together

Aquatic, plant and human safe

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Elevate Bonding Adhesive from AquaLiners Direct

Elevate Bonding Adhesive BA-2012 is used to attach your pond or lake liner to substrates other than another piece of liner. It can be used to bond any EPDM material (Elevate or SealEco) to wood, metal, approved insulations and masonry. Where the liner is to be fixed to a vertical face, we strongly recommend you mechanically fix the liner as well, for example using an Elevate Termination Bar, as the liner could, in certain situations, peel away from the wall or vertical face.

Elevate Bonding Adhesive, although safe for aquatic, animals and humans once dried, is a solvent-based glue and should therefore be used with care. We would recommend you read through the Bonding Adhesive Technical Information Sheet before use; this covers all safety precautions to take and full instructions for use.

Product Specification

Brand Elevate Bonding Adhesive BA-2012
Use With All EPDM liners (Elevate & SealEco)
Size 1l, 2.5l and 10l
Other Sizes Available No

2.35-3m2 per litre

Aquatic, plant & human safe Yes
Solvents Naphtha, cyclohexane, propylacetate, butanone
Technical Information Sheet Bonding Adhesive

Bonding EPDM to:



Approved insulations


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Bonding Adhesive comes in 3 sizes:

1 litre circa 2.5 m2 coverage
2.5 litres circa 6.25 m2 coverage
10 litres circa 25.0 m2 coverage

Please be aware, when using Bonding Adhesive, both surfaces to be attached need to be completely covered with the product.