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Blagdon Minipond Fountain Pump

Blagdon Minipond Fountain Pump


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Compact pond pump to run fountains.

High-performance, economical pump that requires low maintenance.

Multiple sizes available.

Lead time, 5 - 7 working days

UK delivery available


Compact pond pump to run fountains

High performance, economical pump that requires low maintenance.Key Features:
  • Low running cost
  • A comprehensive range of fountain heads, fittings and adjusters included
  • Advanced foam-free pre-filter cage
  • Optional pre-filter foam reduces daisy jet blockage
  • 3 year guarantee
Items contained in this box: (700-1600)
  • 3 x fountain heads (Daisy Super, Single Daisy, Water bell)
  • 5 x fountain extension pipes
  • 2 x threaded hose adapters (½" and ¾")
  • Pre-filter foam
  • 10 metre cable
Items conatined in 2000lph box:
  • Minipond
  • T-piece with fountain flow control valve
  • 1 (25mm) flow control valve for filter, waterfall or feature
  • 20cm fixed fountain extension pipe
  • 4 x fountain display heads (Daisy Jet, Two Tier Daisy Jet, Bell Jet and Foam Jet)
  • 2 x interchangeable hose fittings u00bd" (12.5mm) and u00be"(19mm)
  • Pre-filter foam for use with daisy jets
  • 10 metre cable

Product Specification

Disposal of electrical goods Y
Spare Parts Minipond 700/900 Ball Joint & Extension PipeMinipond 700/900 Fountain Accessory KitMinipond 900 ImpellerMinipond 900 Prefilter FoamMinipond 900 Impeller Cover
Cable length Mains 10m
Hz 50Hz
IP Rating IP68
Plug No. In the UK it is illegal for manufacturers to supply an indoor use 3-pin plug with a fixed outdoor product for safety reasons. Please see Blagdon Powersafe Switch Boxes or Outdoor Connectors for safe and easy-to-use outdoor power solutions. 
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