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Blagdon Auto Shut-Off Feature Pump

Blagdon Auto Shut-Off Feature Pump


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£33.35 exc.VAT

Compact, economical pump to run a water feature.

Automatically turns off when the water level is low to prevent burnout.

3 sizes to choose from.

Lead time, 5 - 7 working days

UK delivery available


A compact, economical pump range to run your water feature

Reduced maintenance with auto shut off. This feature pump range has adjustable water flow and can be used safely both indoors & outdoors.

Key Features:

  • Prevents burnout by turning off automatically when the water is low
  • Automatically turns on when the water is topped up
  • Reduced cleaning and blocking with the pre-filter cage
  • Adjustable water flow control
  • Compact, stable design

Items contained in this box:

  • Auto Shut-off Feature Pump

Product Specification

Warnings Electrical standards state that:All outdoor power supplies must be protected by a circuit breaker.All electrical components must comply with outdoor weatherproof safety standards.All power supplies across the garden must be carried by metal sheathed, armoured cable. If buried, warning tape must be applied.
Languages on Packaging English
Cable length Mains 10m
Hz 50Hz
IP Rating IP68
Plug No. In the UK it is illegal for manufacturers to supply an indoor use 3-pin plug with a fixed outdoor product for safety reasons. Please see Blagdon Powersafe Switch Boxes or Outdoor Connectors for safe and easy-to-use outdoor power solutions.
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